Bristol Balloon Sprint

Andy Parkhouse - August 7th, 2009

As I write this we’re hosting a Plone Sprint on the first floor of our building. So what is Plone, and what is a Plone Sprint?

Plone is a powerful and successful piece of open source software, used to build web content management systems and other sophisticated web applications.

A typical media image of open source software might be that it is built entirely by individual volunteers. That’s often the case, but in many cases open source software is also developed by commercial companies collaborating.

By sharing work, and openly licensing the software, commercial businesses can achieve goals that they would simply be unable to achieve alone. As an example, replicating something like Plone might take a single company several years or more, and cost £millions.

Plone is developed by both passionate individuals, and companies who then use the platform to undertake projects for paying clients.

Much Plone development takes place in a distributed way, with contributors working remotely on code. However nothing beats face-to-face collaboration, so the Plone community organise sprint events where small groups focus on designing and implementing new features.

Team Rubber are avid Plone users, so we’re very happy to be hosting the Bristol Balloon Sprint, and welcome 25 or so developers into our building. Have fun!

Follow the sprint on Twitter with #balloonsprint