Demgames Collection – Learn About Democracy & Citizenship

Jayne King - October 13th, 2014

The best citizenship games in the world!

Demgames is a collection of fun games, which are challenging and free to play. They’re a great, interactive way to learn about citizenship and democracy.

There are 3 games for you to play, along with additional information and citizenship teacher resources. The two main games are ‘Captain Campaign’ and ‘Councillor Quest 2’ there’s also a bonus secret game if you can find it!

Demgames are fun for anyone to use – Teachers: Demgames enables citizenship and UK democracy learning at key stage 3 and upwards.

Unfortunately they’re not available to play online, but we do have a good supply of CD-ROMs for PC / windows, so you can keep playing.

So if you want any for yourself or your local school, just let us know and we’ll send some your way.

demgames 300x225 Demgames Collection   Learn About Democracy & Citizenship


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