Is SXSW braced for a Brit Invasion?

Andy Parkhouse - March 11th, 2009

So we’ll be in Austin, Texas for the next week or so – us and apparently several thousand other Brits there for the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival. We’ll be out in force for the digital strand, as well as the film and music.

I was there last year with a lot of people for the UK, and it seems the Brit presence will be even bigger again this year. Does Austin have enough tea in stock?

Team Rubber types walking those long wide hallways are Adam, Matt, Rory and me. Making new friends alongside us will be Hazel Grian, Mobile Pie, trip mum Reddington, Bristol Media, and the dashingly bearded Mr. Efergan. And that’s just the ones I put in before I got bored of typing.