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Stan Crofts - October 1st, 2013

This job has now closed.

Thank you to all who applied, we are reviewing the applications and will be in touch shortly.


This job is a full time, permanent position, working from our office in the centre of Bristol. Depending on your experience, we’ll pay a salary between £18,000 and £25,000. Really, we care more about your diligence and personal qualities than experience in QA. We are willing to hire people who do not have experience in QA at the low end and raise their pay as their skills develop.

Why I like doing QA for Team Rubber:

Hi I’m Stan. Originally, the thing that attracted me to QA was that it was a job, any job at all. I fell into it as a graduate who didn’t really know what I wanted to do. For quite a lot of the people who have been doing QA in Team Rubber, it was their first QA job. It generally works out quite well.

I started out in QA working for a company that made smartphone apps. I stuck with QA because I found myself learning new things about software development, technology and what people have to do to get good products out the door. It’s the same kind of learning that makes Team Rubber’s account managers enjoy their jobs.

It feels good to work as part of the team on making a thing better. Being part of the team that builds an artefact, instead of just processing lots of stuff, means that there’s always this nice thing that you’ve built. You can point at it and take pride. I always feel really involved in Team Rubber. People listen to the suggestions I make about how we should do things and how we explain things to people.

Inside Team Rubber, QA people work in several teams at once, so you’re never just stuck on one thing for months and months. You get to take on a range of different products, and it’s interesting to work with different sets of people.


testing mobile apps Quality Assurance jobs in Bristol

Andy and Neal testing a web application on a group of different devices.

QA work requires a lot of diligence and a bit of curiosity. You’ve got to have a kind of imagination that helps you dream up ways to break things, especially in ways that other people might have missed. You have to be completionist and to take pride in making sure that the thing you’re working on is completely finished. You’ll need some self-direction to be able to do things like clear bug tickets for one project while you’re waiting for the developers on a different one to react to something.

In this job, you will spend most days flicking between different mobile and desktop browsers, looking at three or four different apps. You’ll do testing of new features and some manual regression testing. We’ll teach you everything we know about QA over time: how to do it, how to look for interesting types of bugs, more ways to break things, how to spot accessibility problems, how to automate as much testing as you can, and so on.

Because it’s a small company, you’re quite autonomous. The company is quite flat and you pick up responsibility very quickly. You’ll get told, “You have responsibility for doing this. If you can think of how to do it better then tell us and do it.” There’s authority that comes with the responsibility; you will be expected to say, “that’s not good enough to give to customers”, and no one (except possibly the boss) can overrule you.

The people here are really friendly. Lunch is great! The Bristol office is surrounded by a lot of really good lunch places and there are loads of cosy pubs too. The whole product development team is quite tight-knit; we invite everyone to come along when we go out to drink together in the evenings, usually about once or twice a week.

The atmosphere is pleasant. We don’t have anything like a really stuffy, segregated cubicle office. We’ve got a colourful open-plan office. About half the time, someone has music playing. There’s always something going on.

Contact details:

If this sounds good to you, please get in touch. Send us a cover letter (to services@rubberductions.com) and your CV. We’re more interested in covering letters than in CVs. If we like the look of yours we’ll get you in for a standard hiring interview.

We will not accept applications via recruitment companies.