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HEY WHIPPLE, SQUEEZE THIS. A Guide to Creating Great Advertising LUKE SULLIVAN

- December 2nd, 2008

Seeding is very similar to being a copywriter. You are asking a person to spend time with something, most people actively try to avoid. The book contains loads of little gems of wisdom. Luke’s well-used gem was keep it simple’. So I will sum up the challenges of seeding by sharing with you my favourite advertisement.

scanjen HEY WHIPPLE, SQUEEZE THIS. A Guide to Creating Great Advertising   LUKE SULLIVAN

Lüzer’s Int’l ARCHIVE Vol.6-2002

Google shows Ad Networks will bloom even in this Financial Climate

Tim Wintle - October 16th, 2008

Google announced an increase in both profit and revenue today – showing a 26% jump in profits – showing that the advertising networks (such as our own Viral Ad Network) have the potential to not only weather the current economy, but grow within it.

The fact that Google’s stock rose 8% on the news may also be a sign that the markets have room to recover – since even with reduced inter-bank lending there is obviously enough liquidity in the markets to make the most of a clear opportunity.

Not that Google is immune to the climate – they have reduced their hiring, only hiring 500 employees in the last quarter (according to news in about 5 minutes ago) – a dramatic drop (not like us – we’re growing, and looking for python programmers in Bristol among many other careers)

Tim W

Wallace and Gromit Are More Fashionable Than You

Joanna Hemingway - August 26th, 2008

As we all count the days until the ribbon is cut on Cabot Circus, Harvey Nicols have unveiled an adorable series of print ads featuring the Aardman creations dressed in designer attire from the department store.

Though it won’t convince me to splash out on an Alexander McQueen dress or Christian Louboutin shoes as modelled by Lady Tottington, having the well-loved Bristolian duo Wallace & Gromit front the campaign for the upmarket chain is definitely going to prove popular with consumers and their children.