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Demgames Collection – Learn About Democracy & Citizenship

Jayne King - October 13th, 2014

The best citizenship games in the world!

Demgames is a collection of fun games, which are challenging and free to play. They’re a great, interactive way to learn about citizenship and democracy.

There are 3 games for you to play, along with additional information and citizenship teacher resources. The two main games are ‘Captain Campaign’ and ‘Councillor Quest 2’ there’s also a bonus secret game if you can find it!

Demgames are fun for anyone to use – Teachers: Demgames enables citizenship and UK democracy learning at key stage 3 and upwards.

Unfortunately they’re not available to play online, but we do have a good supply of CD-ROMs for PC / windows, so you can keep playing.

So if you want any for yourself or your local school, just let us know and we’ll send some your way.

demgames 300x225 Demgames Collection   Learn About Democracy & Citizenship


Who’s actually using RDFa?

Jess Henderson - February 21st, 2011

A year ago we were very excited about RDFa, and in particular about using it to mark up consultations in our Citizen Space software. By providing certain bits of metadata in a machine-readable format (for example the consultation’s title, start and end dates, target audience, author etc) the consultation record can be used by third-party systems, and potentially incorporated into applications that hadn’t even been envisaged when the data was originally published.

RDFa actually became a mandatory requirement for all central government consultations published after 1st January 2010, but in the past year we have seen very little use of this new wealth of freely available data. There were rumours that Directgov planned to use it to import consultations, but I can’t find any evidence of this on their site.

We were sad that we’d gone to all the trouble* to incorporate RDFa into our clients’ consultations, and nobody was making use of it, so we decided to do something with it ourselves. We’ve made an Aggregator that can collect together consultations from any website as long as it publishes its consultations in an RSS feed and includes the appropriate RDFa markup. It also publishes its own RSS feed so that the aggregated consultations can be fed into a further tier of applications.

We’d be really interested to hear of other apps that are making use of RSS and RDFa in relation to consultation data. Surely we’re not the only ones?

*actually it wasn’t much trouble at all thanks to the helpful guidelines from the COI.

Delib gets tasty Monocle magazine feature – WHOOP!

Chris Quigley - October 22nd, 2010

When you’re sat head down over a bunch of code or cooking up some new ideas of how to improve an app, it’s often easy to forget about the context of your work in th wider world and forget what you’re doing is actually fricking interesting and pretty significant.

So, it’s nice to get a bit of outside recognition for your work – like a tap on the back to say “Heck, you’ve got some great stuff going on in your company”.

And the guys at Monocle Magazine did just that a couple of weeks back – as they popped by Delib’s Soho office for a quick chinwag and (mildly painful) photoshoot (it really is that difficult to look so happy and relaxed in a photo).

You can read the Monocle article below, or if you want to part with £5, get a copy down your local news agent.

[N.B. if you haven’t read Monocle Magazine before it’s an awesome mag – in fact my favorite – covering world affairs, business, culture and design. Delib apparently fits into the realm of being an *interesting* business. Which is nice to know!]

5104600181 55ce6dd9fe Delib gets tasty Monocle magazine feature   WHOOP!

Making things better from a hospital bed

Chris Quigley - December 2nd, 2009
0 Making things better from a hospital bed

Pain can be a beautiful thing. And in my case quite an inspiring thing too. For the last 5 days I’ve been stuck in hospital with severe back pains – which have meant I’ve been totally bed bound, and completely dependent on the nurses at Kings College Hospital London (who have – by the way – been really great!)

Anyway, lying in bed – in pain – inspired me yesterday morning: could I be of any use to hospital lying here? The hospital staff are being great – but could I add anything – could I help improve how the hospital is run?

And the answer is of course YES. As a patient I – and the hundreds of other patients – are in the best place to help the hospital improve, as we’re the ones at the coal-face, experiencing the end products that the hospital delivers – whether that’s a quick fix in A&E, or a longer stay in one of the wards.

The only issue is how you collate and make sense of this collective experience. And the answer to that is the internet – create a crowd-sourcing website with a focus on collating “ideas of how to improve the hospital” and let patients share ideas, and self-organise the value of those ideas via rating and commenting systems. Given I’m the co-founder of an e-democracy company – Delib – that specialises in citizen empowerment – this was the easy bit!

So lying in my hospital bed – I asked Andy, Jess and Dave in Bristol to quickly put together a patient crowd-sourcing site using our one of our apps – and 2 hours later we launched “Help us Improve Kings”.

Check the site here (and add ideas if you have any!)

With the prototype site up and live, I’m now in the process of getting patients to take part and share their experiences and ideas – a bit of a tricky feat given I can’t walk, but they’re coming in slowly as I lynch people walking past my room! I’m also in the process of talking to the Patient Involvement team @ Kings – as obviously to make this work, we really need them on board to actually turn the ideas generated into concrete actions.

So there you go – an example of bottom-up patient power – empowered by the wonders of broadband and a wonderful set of e-democracy tools. Social media empowerment at its finest!

And most importantly this is a lesson to all those brands / businesses / government departments out there who are trying to work out how to make their business work better – the answer: empower your customers and employees and they will in turn help power your business!

aMap lift off…

Matt Golding - February 13th, 2009

Our aMap launch party last night buzzed along nicely, in the friendly surroundings of Piada, the fantastic italian cafe under our Frith Street office. Thanks to all of you diverse media, film and political types who turned out to see our feisty new baby spread its wings. If you haven’t seen the project yet visit aMap here, where you can buy our selection of pre-made aMaps, or construct your own online to argue with your friends…

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Say hello to aMap

Chris Quigley - January 21st, 2009

Drum roll . . .
I’m pleased to announce to everyone in TeamRubber that aMap has now officially launched!
Huge thanks for everyone who’s been involved with aMap (you know who you are, and if you don’t you’re mentioned here!) + also, a big thank you for all those in the team who are now helping out with the launch.

Most of you won’t really know what aMap’s about – other than seeing copies scattered around the office – and seeing people frantically packing them up. To help understand the background to aMap you should check out the aMap site. Over the next week or so, I will also be posting up blog posts relating to the theory behind aMap – touching on the concepts of informal logic and argument theory – so you can all indulge in some faux philosophical musings.

+ finally, over the next week I’d like you all to help Jake and Helen in getting aMaps out to the world. As part of this we’d like each of you to list 3 or more of your family / friends who you’d think would like aMap and then send them a few copies. We’ve written up some standard letters to help – and Jake and Helen are there to help . . .

We’d also like you all to each create your own customised online argument (using our widget maker) and send these to friends / embed them in your blogs / online communities to get the internet buzzing with arguments . . .

+ finally finally – the next step for aMap is to get it stocked in shops – so if you know of anyone who works for a bookshop / gift shop / publisher or if you’ve got ideas of shops that could stock them do send in ideas to either me or Helen.

Huge thanks + happy arguing . . .