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Burning rubber 2014 – some reflections

Rowena Farr - August 4th, 2014

Friday saw the 4th Burning Rubber. Despite some slightly damp weather in parts, the fire was still alight, the bouncy castle stayed up and Landrovers were driven around the field (& became a little stuck..) here’s a few highlights:

Fire, fire, fire

After digging a small fire-pit, the bonfire was successfully alight.

Fire  e1407148685747 Burning rubber 2014   some reflections

Bouncy castle (add space hoppers)

As well as the challenge of trying to bounce without slipping over, the brave bouncy castlers were tasked with playing volley ball with space hoppers.

Bouncy castle  Burning rubber 2014   some reflections

Sumo suits

Liz and Sophie ensure that the sumo suits were safely delivered..

Sumo suits  e1407148795696 Burning rubber 2014   some reflections

King Street Totem!

Team Rubber’s office is located on King Street in central Bristol. Friday was a bad day for the ‘king of king street’ who became the 2014 totem for burning rubber. Hello fire.

King Street  e1407149004910 Burning rubber 2014   some reflections

Land rover fun

What else should the muddy ditch be used for at the side of a field? Learning of the day: always have 2 landrovers when driving through unknown ditches!

Landrovers  e1407148935186 Burning rubber 2014   some reflections

Many thanks to our Studio Managers Lorna and Jayne and to everyone in Team Rubber who made it a fun-filled day. Until Burning Rubber 2015..


Countdown to Burning Rubber 2014 – how to organise a summer party

Rowena Farr - July 29th, 2014

We’ve learnt how to throw a pretty awesome summer party over the past few years. With the 4th Burning Rubber fast approaching, here’s some essentials we’ve previously included. Happy 13th birthday Team Rubber!

Space hopper races

Be warned: these can get very competitive. Release your inner child….

IMG 4809 1024x764 Countdown to Burning Rubber 2014   how to organise a summer party

A bouncy castle

The more people that get involved, the higher everyone can bounce. Until you start getting space hopper balls involved that is…

IMG 4781 764x1024 Countdown to Burning Rubber 2014   how to organise a summer party

A play park with death slides

Ensure you take the pic at the right time to get some real gems

IMG 8522 1024x768 Countdown to Burning Rubber 2014   how to organise a summer party

Retro or neon tents

Great for contemplation, napping and sleeping over

CIMG5565 1024x768 Countdown to Burning Rubber 2014   how to organise a summer party

A fire which burns all night

You can even sit and warm up next to it (spot the Corwin)

CIMG5720 1024x768 Countdown to Burning Rubber 2014   how to organise a summer party

Waking up outside

Enough said

CIMG5723 1024x768 Countdown to Burning Rubber 2014   how to organise a summer party

Until Friday folks

Happy Halloween!

Lorna Moir - November 4th, 2013

Big thanks to Becci and Tiff for masterminding a brilliant Halloween party, with the help of Hannah too the ground floor looked awesome! So awesome that the decorations are still there. maybe it’ll be like our Team Rubber Christmas tree and just stay up for the next 12 months until it’s relevant again.

There was a very impressive effort in terms of Halloween costumes, even if some of us were dashing around Primark in a bit of a last minute panic on Wednesday night.I think Christine’s ‘sharknado’ outfit took the imaginary most brilliant costume crown.

Quite a few rounds of beer / vodka / wine pong were played…

pong Happy Halloween!

We also had zombie shoot out games, creepy bad old film screenings, a sudden delivery of pizza courtesy of Mr Barrell, lots of decapitated doll body parts floating around and some ducks were shot to death by deer hunter Max’s toy gun….

duck shooting Happy Halloween!

In summary, an awesome halloween night and a very quiet Friday morning 🙂

group Happy Halloween!

Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

Lorna Moir - February 24th, 2012

After months of my camera being out of action due to a missing charger, it’s finally had a new lease of life and I’ve discovered some photos from the Burning Rubber experience!


IMG 1633 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

Hand in face



IMG 1614 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

IMG 1653 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

Standard Tom.

IMG 1649 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

Standard Owen

IMG 1613 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

IMG 1598 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

wronged chicken

IMG 1585 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

IMG 1589 225x300 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber


What’s happening this week? 6th – 12th Feb

Lorna Moir - February 6th, 2012

MONDAY 6th – Squeaky Hill Quiz Show

#1 Squeaky Hill Features rounds such as the Practical Fag Break Round, the News Round Round, the Write A Film Synopsis Round, the Physical Challenge Round (A race to Tesco for a pork based product) and of course the obligatory Stone, Scissors Paper Sudden Death Tournament Challenge Round. Free entry from 8pm!


TUESDAY 7th – Lunchtime concert – danilo oliveira (trumpet) and maya soltan (piano)

#1 A bite size lunchtime concert at the Colston Hall with the Royal Academy of Music’s Danilo Oliveira (Trumpet) and Maya Soltan (Piano). From 1pm £5 a ticket.

WEDNESDAY 8th – Animation awards

#1 This is your chance to vote for your favourites in the British Animation Awards 2012! Three programmes containing a mix of animated shorts, music videos and commercials (including two from Bristol!) offer a chance to see the cream of the last two year’s animation films on the big screen. Starts 6pm. Watershed, 60 mins £7.20 adult ticket.

THURSDAY 9th – Digital Bristol

#1 DigitalBristol is a community for people in Bristol & the surrounding areas who want to stay up-to-date with the ever changing digital landscape.This month’s speaker isGiles Colborne, Managing Director at cxpartners. This talk will show you how asking the right questions can help plan anddesign better user experiences, how to measure the return on investment of delight and how to understand where to focus your design effort and product development. 9 – 6 pm at Horts Bristol.

FRIDAY 10th – Lunchtime Talk & Digital Training

#1 Lunchtime Talk: ‘Design fiction’ describes ways of using storytelling techniques, especially in the form of video, to make speculative design ideas feel real. The explores how technology designers employ design fictions as a form of prototyping but also highlights how these ideas frequently bleed into cinema and popular fiction. PM studio, 1pm free.

#2 Advanced Social Media and Digital Marketing Training
Learn how to create conversion funnels within a strategic digital plan, understand how to personalise and customise Google Analytics and how to write engaging content for customers that optimises website and social networking to stimulate conversations and prospects. From £195 at Bristol Business College.

SATURDAY 11th – Record Fair

#1 Record fair – 1000s of LPs, singles and CDs, from rare collectibles to re-releases, from funk to punk, you’ll find it here!

What’s happening this week? (23rd-29th Jan)

Lorna Moir - January 23rd, 2012

MONDAY 23rd – Cinebabies and Quiz

#1 Cinebabies- Coriolanus: Cinebabies is a weekly daytime screening which allows parents to bring their babies (as long as their under 12 months) safe in the knowledge that they won’t bother other cinema goers. Coriolanus marks Ralph Fiennes’ directorial debut with this Shakespeare adaptation. Starts at 11am at the Watershed.

#2 Watershed Film Quiz– This quiz will include audio and visual rounds. IMDb have also donated special prizes as well as donating some of their own team to partake in the quiz! Starts at 8pm, £2.50 per person.


TUESDAY 24th – Animation and App training

#1 CineMe Animation Workshop– Joseph Wallace, a Bristol based film and theatre director will be presenting a 2 hour workshop introducing the art of stop-motion and puppet animation. Takes place at the Green Room in the Tobacco Factory, starts at 8pm. Tickets, £7.50.

#2 Mobile Apps Training Course– Tailored to designers and web developers, pay what you think it’s worth’ for this workshop on designing apps for iPhones and Androids. Places are limited to 12 participants, 9-5.30pm at the Pervasive Media Studio.


WEDNESDAY 25th – Artist’s and Digital talks

#1 Free Artists Talk: Jen Southern and Laura Sillars will provide a live demonstration of the new audio visual installation, Polyrhythmia. Participants are invited to take a Space Metronome’ on a journey and as they move, they hear the rhythm of the speed that they are travelling. Starts at 6pm at the Watershed.

#2 The Beauty of Digital: New technologies, old aesthetics and where the two meet, following on from Polyrhythmia, a panel of Digital creatives will share their experiences of where the old and the new meet in the digital modern age. Promising to be a lively and thought-provoking celebration of the creative possibilities of new technologies. Free event but must be booked in advance! Starts at 7.30pm at the Watershed.


THURSDAY 26th – Albert, Eco filmmaking and Slapstick

#1 Think Future Now – TV, Film and Albert: ThinkFutureNow is designed to produce a cultural change within creative companies in Bristol to help them become more sustainable, work smarter and reduce their environmental footprint.

This event is the perfect opportunity to learn about initiatives onsustainable TV and filmmaking and Albert (the BBC’s friendly carbon calculator).Guest speakers include Emma Peddie (BBC Sustainability team), Melanie Dicks (Greenshoot),Marina Traversari & Duncan Haskell (Icon Films) and Matt Golding (Team Rubber). 6.30 – 8 pm with drinks afterwards, FREE at BBC Bristol.

#2 Bristol’s Slapstick Festival: returning for it’s 8th year and it’s bigger and better than ever. This year’s special guests include writer, performer and television personality Griff Rhys Jones, Monty Python’s Terry Jones and Ian Lavender (Private Pike) from Dad’s Army. January 26th 29th with various venues and prices.


FRIDAY 27th – Winter Cider festival and Bristol place making

#1 Bristol Winter Cider Festival: A sell out last year! On offer will be over 100 ciders and perries as well as hog roast rolls and cheese platters. Somerset’s premier Wurzels tribute band The Mangledwurzels will be playing a full show at all three sessions to help you drink up thy cider. Brunel’s Passenger Shed £7.00 in advance.

#2 Pervasive Media Studio Lunchtime Talk – Bristol’s placemaker: Serial entrepreneur Mike Bennett has spent his professional life starting and running businesses such as e3, Goldbrick House & Bristol Media. Last year he became Bristol’s Place Making Director. His biggest project to date was See No Evil and he’s currently plotting a whole host of new ideas for 2012. In his talk he will be unpicking what it means to be a place maker and how the studio and wider community can get involved in shaping the city. 1 2pm FREE


SUNDAY 29th – Funny Stuff

#1 TumbleWeed Comedy Club is a brand spanking new comedy club at the Big Chill that aims to promote fresh and exciting new talent from this city and beyond. Go along, grab a sofa and warm yourself by the fire….or give the microphone a go.

#2 Omid Djalili: The multi-award winning stand-up, international film star, and acclaimed writer/producer goes back on the road for the first time in 3 years with his brand new show. Colston Hall 8pm, £19 a ticket.

What’s Happening This Week? 9th to 15th Jan

Lorna Moir - January 9th, 2012

MONDAY Cheap food, Full Moon and Linux

#1 For starters….. Half price food ALL DAY at Vodka Revs! Forget about any post-christmas diet and head down there!

#2 Full Moon Orchestra– Anyone can join in with this special event at the Arnolfini whether you bring along your musical instrument or simply your voice or a dance move. It’s a spontaneous event and free to join! Starts at 7pm.

#3 January Skillswap: Linux– Nicolas Alpi, Amias Channner and James Moverley will be talking about how to use Linux, both as an everyday operating system and as a web server. This will be the first Skillswap at Pervasive Media Studio’s new location in the Watershed and is FREE! Starts at 8pm.

TUESDAY- Lets nurture our ideas

#1 Nurturing Ideas: how you can lead a marketing organisation to greater success. A massive success in Bath, Mark Baptist (Director of Pace Change Management) will be telling us all how to effectively generate ideas, create consensus and deliver change. Starts at 5.30pm, free entry at the Clifton Club (22 The Mall, Clifton).

WEDNESDAY- Make a Dress!

#1 Dress Making Event: this sounds very exciting for all those looking to navigate their way around a sewing machine! Takes place at the Prince of Waterloo in Winford at 6.30pm AND all proceeds go to the Harvey Hext charity (Price TBC).

THURSDAY- Get Digital

#1 Digital Bristol– Digital Strategy for boosting your business online. Keeping us up to date with all things digital, these free monthly networking events attract the best digital knowledge, expertise and businesses in the region! Starts 18.30, venue TBC, free entry.

FRIDAY- Lunchtime talk and acoustic weekend

#1 Bristol Acoustic Music Festival (hosted by Jelli Records). This three-day acoustic festival at St Georges celebrates the breadth and diversity of Bristol’s unplugged music scene. £7 for a day ticket.

#2 Lunchtime Talk: Integrating Pervasive Technologies with Cinematic and Immersive Theatre. A free talk by Mason Robinson and Lukus Robbins, performance artists from Dartington college of Arts/ University College Falmouth. An interesting way to break up your day- the talk will explain how they have been researching and developing a narrative exploration through performance and installation amongst other things!


#1 London Short Film Festival– Best Film Festival in the world says The Guardian! LSFF is an annual event that presents the best in UK short film-making talent. For a couple of weeks in January, London’s best independent cinemas and venues are taken over showcasing some amazing short films. Oh, and they throw in a bunch of live music and parties too! Some tickets left, various prices and availability.

SUNDAY – Girl Geek

#1 Girl Geeks vs Wikimeet event – A hands-on editing event, at the University of Bristol.

This event will run from 1pm until 5pm on Sunday 15th January. Experienced Wikipedians will be on hand to help you explore how to edit Wikipedia, so please bring a laptop with you.It is also Wikipedia’s birthday on the 15th January so Wikipedia will be providing the nibbles and hopefully another fabulous Wikipedia cake.

And that’s it for what’s happening this week! #2!

Beccy gets prepared for Burning Rubber on Friday

Rowena Farr - July 27th, 2011

CIMG5545 300x225 Beccy gets prepared for Burning Rubber on Friday

To celebrate ten years of Team Rubber this weekend we are off to a nearby site to burn some rubber but where will it be held exactly? Not sure Beccy knows yet that’s for sure…..

What is your creative process?

Rowena Farr - July 22nd, 2011

Following the Vision Bristol warm up event on Wednesday afternoon at The Arnolfini I was particularly interested in exploring Poke’s idea of ‘Creative Process’ here at Team Rubber.

Different individuals in the office do of course work in different ways. Ben for example aids his creative process through biscuits – and has subsequently been renamed to ‘Biscuit Ben’.

Biscuit Ben  179x300 What is your creative process?

Biscuit Ben


At Team Rubber we are always ensuring people feel comfortable in their working environment and Ben feels most comfortable when in his own creative working environment:

Biscuit Ben desk1 300x225 What is your creative process?

For more information on how biscuits can aid creativity please visit Ben’s Biscuit Blog.


Pictures from #bristolhackday

Andy Parkhouse - December 3rd, 2010

Tweets here.

Pictures below…
5229036392 95b9295501 Pictures from #bristolhackday
Big Paper: an open data essential

5229036182 5f220c175c Pictures from #bristolhackday
Best seats, best view #1

5228442009 389ff3466f Pictures from #bristolhackday
Very South By Southwest

5229035704 bce12511b8 Pictures from #bristolhackday
Arduino. Proper wires and things.

5228441497 064476c9b1 Pictures from #bristolhackday
Best seats, best view #2

5229035198 d119394a88 Pictures from #bristolhackday
Processing Your Freedom data – matrix style

5228441135 df3f591f20 Pictures from #bristolhackday
Generating Haiku from Your Freedom data…

5229034802 51e6910f8a Pictures from #bristolhackday
Colston Hall – good location for this

5229034602 d14252a287 Pictures from #bristolhackday
Pencil – my favourite tool

5228440597 81954c7c63 Pictures from #bristolhackday
Thinking up ideas

5228440375 f91e529e81 Pictures from #bristolhackday
Start the day