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Demgames Collection – Learn About Democracy & Citizenship

Jayne King - October 13th, 2014

The best citizenship games in the world!

Demgames is a collection of fun games, which are challenging and free to play. They’re a great, interactive way to learn about citizenship and democracy.

There are 3 games for you to play, along with additional information and citizenship teacher resources. The two main games are ‘Captain Campaign’ and ‘Councillor Quest 2’ there’s also a bonus secret game if you can find it!

Demgames are fun for anyone to use – Teachers: Demgames enables citizenship and UK democracy learning at key stage 3 and upwards.

Unfortunately they’re not available to play online, but we do have a good supply of CD-ROMs for PC / windows, so you can keep playing.

So if you want any for yourself or your local school, just let us know and we’ll send some your way.

demgames 300x225 Demgames Collection   Learn About Democracy & Citizenship


Happy Halloween!

Lorna Moir - November 4th, 2013

Big thanks to Becci and Tiff for masterminding a brilliant Halloween party, with the help of Hannah too the ground floor looked awesome! So awesome that the decorations are still there. maybe it’ll be like our Team Rubber Christmas tree and just stay up for the next 12 months until it’s relevant again.

There was a very impressive effort in terms of Halloween costumes, even if some of us were dashing around Primark in a bit of a last minute panic on Wednesday night.I think Christine’s ‘sharknado’ outfit took the imaginary most brilliant costume crown.

Quite a few rounds of beer / vodka / wine pong were played…

pong Happy Halloween!

We also had zombie shoot out games, creepy bad old film screenings, a sudden delivery of pizza courtesy of Mr Barrell, lots of decapitated doll body parts floating around and some ducks were shot to death by deer hunter Max’s toy gun….

duck shooting Happy Halloween!

In summary, an awesome halloween night and a very quiet Friday morning 🙂

group Happy Halloween!

Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

Lorna Moir - February 24th, 2012

After months of my camera being out of action due to a missing charger, it’s finally had a new lease of life and I’ve discovered some photos from the Burning Rubber experience!


IMG 1633 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

Hand in face



IMG 1614 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

IMG 1653 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

Standard Tom.

IMG 1649 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

Standard Owen

IMG 1613 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

IMG 1598 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

wronged chicken

IMG 1585 300x225 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber

IMG 1589 225x300 Buried Treasure from Burning Rubber


Rise of the Stick Men

Lorna Moir - September 22nd, 2011

When Ally announced that everyone should go to this morning.. and we all did (even if Tiffany did get a bit told off for it!) it reminded me of an awesome animation I stumbled across AGES ago and had pretty much forgotten about… thought it would be nice to share 🙂 Even if everyone else in the office has already seen it as usual!

So here is the Draw a stick man site – the worse your drawing skills, the better it is…

drawastickman 300x183 Rise of the Stick Men

And here is the video I was chatting about, it’s called Animator Vs Animation by Alan Becker… well worth a watch in my opinion!

At the time I was tearing my hair out over my final year flash project that I was having some ‘issues’ with and praying that Google would have all the answers (as usual). When I came across this video, it was obvious this did not hold the answers to all my problems or even come anywhere close to solving anything really… but it did put a massive smile on my face. Seeing as stress and panic formed the foundations of my final year project experience, actually feeling happy to see something flash related made a very nice change!

Riots, game theory, empathy.

Andy Parkhouse - August 11th, 2011

I’ve seen plenty of #ukriots tweets along the lines of “OMG, this makes no sense, how do you gain by smashing up your own community”.

And when people say “it makes no sense”, it speaks to questions of rationality – they’re saying “these actions are irrational”.

Which set me thinking about game theory and some simple maths. I suspect it misses the point, but I’ll sketch it out anyway.

It’s quite easy to show that the actions of rioters and looters are entirely rational.

By setting costs and rewards for an action, you can see whether the outcome is rational.

For example:

– expected chance of getting caught or injured
– cost of getting caught
– immediate value of reward from destruction and looting (material, emotional)
– long term value of living in a not-destroyed community

Trade those off, and it’s easy to show that rioting and looting is rational for someone with low expectation of getting caught, who favours an immediate reward over a long-term reward.

But I suspect that it’s an unsatisfying answer for those who are asking the question I opened on.

My guess is those saying “this makes no sense” mean “the way these people think is alien to me”.
They’re seeking empathy, and they’re unable to find it.

“Winning” at Twitter

Andy Parkhouse - July 28th, 2011

How to win* at Twitter Tweeter.

1. Read it on once a day, don’t spend all day with TweetDeck in the foreground like a foool, unless your job actually *is* monitoring social media.
2. Post something interesting about once a day. Not that you had toast. That’s not interesting. Except to people doing consumer research at Mothers Pride. And find something original. Don’t just retweet what everyone else is retweeting, like a foool. Unless it’s our stuff, in which case you have a free pass. Go. Run. Retweet us.
3. Occasionally break all the rules and splurge your day away doing @s and RTs at friends and strangers. But you’ll feel dirty later.

*win = it doesn’t take over your life and have you addicted to the next dopamine hit that an exciting RT brings you.

It’s fine to live in a constant stream of information/crap, but not if you want to get like….creative stuff done. You know, like thinking, writing code, drawing crap, writing crap, actually picking up the phone and calling clients. That kind of thing.

I don’t mean win like Charlie Sheen means win, he’s a foool.

“Tweeter: (n) like irc, minus the bits that filter out all the noise” ®

Bonus feature: this post replaces a certain naughty word with ‘foool’ to avoid offence. Wherever you see ‘foool’, simply insert your favourite choice of naughty word. But don’t tell your mum.

(Just for avoidance of doubt, I do enjoy Tweeter and won’t be asking them for my money back).

Gratuitous picture of me before I was treated for minor Tweeter addiction1978 08And Ste Farndon Winning at Twitter

Google Image Search searches by image!

Tom Blockley - June 29th, 2011

So I went on to Google just now to look for an image, and I discovered that they now let you drag and drop images into the image search bar!

Now this is impressive. It’s like TinEye + DropBox + Googles own similar images functionality.

So I played around for a bit, and it turns out it’s even smarter than that! I dragged an image of me playing a gig into the search box, and it identified my bass!

Picture 11 Google Image Search searches by image!
It recognised that:

  1. I was playing an instrument
  2. It is a bass
  3. It is a Musicman Stingray

Google scares me sometimes.

Rubber Book Club #4 ‘Today we are going to create a mash-up’

Lorna Moir - February 24th, 2011

Rubber book Club 2011 has arrived With a twist!

The twist being that this year there is no book.
Tradition has been broken and we’re sharing a DVD with the friends of Rubber Republic.

We’ve sent out RIP : A Remix Manifesto. It’s a Documentary about copyright, piracy, power and remix culture by web activist and Canadian filmmaker Brett Gaylor.

IMG 19662 Rubber Book Club #4 Today we are going to create a mash upall1 Rubber Book Club #4 Today we are going to create a mash up

And so it begins

Today we are going to create a mash-up. A fun and adventurous way to make something fresh out of something stale’

With remixing culture on the rise, ever growing in popularity and reach, RIP : A remix manifesto, centres around the work and performances of Girl Talk’, a massively popular mash-up musician. Mixing up hundreds or other artist’s music, to create his up-beat and rather addictive mash-up’s, Girl Talk has accumulated a huge following throughout the clubs and over the web.
The film explores issues around the legalities of remixing existing work, where Copyright Versus Copyleft and we see culture building upon culture as the trend of remixing continues to grow.

We hope you enjoy the film and if you’ve seen it, we’d love to know what you think!

As always Rubber Book DVD club, encourages you to watch, enjoy then share the love with a friend.

IMG 19741 199x300 Rubber Book Club #4 Today we are going to create a mash up

HTML 5 – Websites in disguise!

- January 20th, 2011

HTML5 logo HTML 5   Websites in disguise!

You have probably heard the hype about the new HTML 5 logo

to be used on your website. Well here’s my take on it.

For more info

Happy Halloween!

- November 1st, 2010

5133058840 5377d62f2f z Happy Halloween!

Halloween Cake