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Demgames Collection – Learn About Democracy & Citizenship

Jayne King - October 13th, 2014

The best citizenship games in the world!

Demgames is a collection of fun games, which are challenging and free to play. They’re a great, interactive way to learn about citizenship and democracy.

There are 3 games for you to play, along with additional information and citizenship teacher resources. The two main games are ‘Captain Campaign’ and ‘Councillor Quest 2’ there’s also a bonus secret game if you can find it!

Demgames are fun for anyone to use – Teachers: Demgames enables citizenship and UK democracy learning at key stage 3 and upwards.

Unfortunately they’re not available to play online, but we do have a good supply of CD-ROMs for PC / windows, so you can keep playing.

So if you want any for yourself or your local school, just let us know and we’ll send some your way.

demgames 300x225 Demgames Collection   Learn About Democracy & Citizenship


Easy Hotel – Redefining Hotel Expectations

Ben Fowkes - March 6th, 2014

I’m lucky enough to spend a lot of time staying in the finest (read: worst) hotels that London has to offer, particularly around Victoria, where our government clients are based. As such I think I’ve probably stayed in every ‘quirky’ room available, ranging from ones where you can easily touch all four walls at once, to basements with mysterious and unidentified sounds of running water. Recently, I couldn’t help but notice that an Easy Hotel had sprung up in my favourite strip of ‘unconventional’ hotels and I knew I’d have to book a room – what were ‘Easy’ going to bring to the hotel table? Well, to cut a long story short, it was a bloody revelation, changing my view about what a good hotel should be, from the process of booking through to checking out. Without further ado then, here’s some thoughts about the Easy Hotel experience:

Booking. As soon as you start the booking process, you know you’re in for a different experience. Ordinarily, you might be asked whether you want breakfast included, or maybe wifi, but not so with Easy. Instead it immediately asks whether you really need that window? They’ll happily sell you a single or double room without windows, and frankly, once you realise you can save a tenner by disposing of natural light, you wonder what you’ve been paying for all these years. I treated myself to a window, next time I won’t bother. Well played Easy Hotel.

Furniture. Easy Hotel is not just a place to stay, it’s also a way to imagine what prison is like. Do you really need furniture, they ask? It turns out, you don’t. With the use of only two hooks I managed to hang all of my clothes for the next day, with merely the smallest of crumples. And it’s not just the lack of cupboards that changed me, Easy helped me to realise that I don’t need a bedside table, a chair, a desk or any frivolous non-nailed down item.

easyhotelhooks 300x225 Easy Hotel   Redefining Hotel Expectations

No furniture? No problem – use the generous amounts of hooks available.


Do you really need a lamp, or alternative lights? I always thought you did, turns out I was wrong again. Actually a single, glaring hospital style light works just as well and helped me to imagine I was in the Heartbeat spinoff ‘The Royal’ which I certainly wasn’t expecting. I now question the former decadence of my life.


I’d always assumed that a room for sleeping in needed to be a restful colour – magnolia, an organic green, maybe a soft blue, but no, it turns out that bright orange walls are extremely conducive to sleep. I couldn’t help but lie awake and think about all my future Easy Jet based holidays. I should point out however that by 3 a.m, not even the thoughts of holidays or indeed the bright orange walls, could keep me awake anymore. I am now, of course,  redecorating my entire house in line with ‘Easy Orange’ policy. As an aside to this point, the Easy Hotel urls plastered on both walls were really handy.

easy hotel walls 300x225 Easy Hotel   Redefining Hotel Expectations

The restful orange walls and handy branding

So, what did we learn? Hotels are ordinarily a pompous, overblown and frankly expensive waste of time as they currently exist. Do we really need furniture, windows, good lighting or tasteful decor? I would argue that are all redundant because these days we instead have Easy Hotel.

Account Manager role that still doesn’t suck

Andy Parkhouse - July 15th, 2013

(This is an ad for a job at Delib, part of Team Rubber)

I need someone to talk to our government and public sector customers a lot, helping them get the most from our digital democracy apps, and helping them engage and consult citizens well.

The most important goal for Delib is to have happy customers who keep using our apps (which are typically used on an annual subscription basis); great account management is vital for this. It’s about retention retention retention, and if we get it right it’s an all round win: our customers are happy, we’re happy, and together we’re helping citizens connect better with decision making.

We work in Bristol and London (UK), and Canberra (Australia); this job is based in Bristol, working with customers around the world. The job doesn’t suck; well maybe it doesoccasionally(mostly because our customers are in different timezones which can sometimes mean early starts or working late, but not usually because we screwed up), but generally it’s pretty good.

The people here are smart, demanding and have each other’s backs. The products are awesome, and we do something worthwhile. We work with government at the highest levels, and we work with local neighbourhoods and niche communities that are just as important.

We share studio space with Viral Ad Network and Rubber Republic (I’m a co-founder of both), which makes the place varied and interesting, but this job is very firmly with Delib. The challenge is to build a world-wide community of customers who are delighted with our democracy apps, and I need someone who will thrive on that (and not just for the short-term; we make long-term hires and aim to keep people learning and rewarded).

The account management role is well defined. It’s a vital connection between the work of our sales team and the work of our production team who build, maintain and support our apps. It also involves working with our studio services and financials team.

The work, in bullet points

  • Be responsible for a specific set of our customers; and also assist other account managers (currently a team of two) as needed, to cover absence, holidays etc.
  • Work with sales team to pitch and win opportunities, then take those customers through our on-boarding process (meh, buzzwords), and then maintain the account relationship and ensure we retain the customer.
  • Communicate with customers by phone, email, and face to face as needed; (this is not a job for anyone who’s afraid of the phone or meeting people).
  • Deliver training to new customers – which can sometimes mean a bit of hot-footing it around the country – but more importantly, establishing enthusiasm for our products.
  • Identify and grow opportunities within existing accounts where additional products/services can be useful to the customer (you’ll need to be comfortable selling to people you have relationships with, but this role will never involve cold-selling, that’s a promise).
  • Manage feedback on product improvement and proactively identify possible new features.
  • Help resolve support and account admin issues.
  • Work with the production team to get customers’ needs met, or their expectations managed.
  • Help keep the studio running smoothly by keeping paperwork and admin moving, and being involved in planning etc.
  • Seek references, recommendations & case study opportunities from customers.
  • Share news and thinking with our customers and the wider digital democracy / gov community (mostly via Twitter, sometimes blog posts).

Requirements / experience

  • A will to win. Winning is best.
  • Strong writing skills; this job involves a lot of writing and it needs to be done well.
  • Happy talking to people on the phone, and in meetings / presenting.
  • Initiative: the cliche is ‘self-starting’. You’ll drown in our environment if you can’t just turn up and work well without prompting or constant prodding. We work flexible hours, and we don’t have time to arse around chasing people who are AWOL or shirking.
  • To have an understanding of business, professional and account management fundamentals. This role is not suitable for people starting their career – genuinely sorry about that, we do hire a lot of fresh graduates at Team Rubber, but not this time.
  • To thrive on building and maintaining relationships with our customers, and also to be able to maintain strong productive relationships with the rest of the team. The role is demanding in this respect as you have to move frequently between different sets of problems, reconcile multiple points of view, and sometimes you’ll have to tell people things that they don’t want to hear; you have to do that well and come out with a win.
  • You’ll need to be able to soak up technical knowledge; you’ll need this to deal with admin tasks that have technical aspects (such as getting domain names set up correctly). You’ll also need it to communicate fluidly with our customers; to do this it’s essential to build an understanding of software engineering fundamentals (not how to program, but the production and operation of software – we can teach this if you have the interest and smarts for it). To help our clients directly, you’ll also need to learn some html and things like embedding rich media.
  • Knowledge about public policy isn’t essential, but you’ll need to cultivate an interest in this. You need to be able to understand the different levels of government and public bodies around the world, and their different functions and needs. You’ll also need to engage with things like data protection.
  • The job involves collaborating to write tenders and pitches. These can be a grind; I won’t pretend otherwise. The solution to this is to get them done well, and take pleasure in winning them.
  • The job is in Bristol, UK. Don’t live here? Relocate, Bristol is awesome.

We also do all the standard tech-company stuff: Mac laptop, second screen, good chair, nice office, nine kinds of tea, company events, and training as you need it. We hate to waste money, but we invest heavily in the things we value: good tools, supporting people and rewarding success.

Who are you? I don’t know. I’ve got no pre-conceptions, only the requirements above. It’s an extremely demanding job, but done well, it’s also enormously fun, challenging and rewarding. Money isn’t mentioned here, but I’ve got some figures in mind; they’re not excessive but you can live on it. Grow with us.

Send a covering letter to Annabel, and yes, a CV, tiresome as they are. We don’t place too much faith in CVs but the bad ones help us choose who gets routed to the no pile (we don’t enjoy saying no by the way). The covering letter is really what we look at. If we like the look of yours we’ll get you in for a standard hiring interview. Fancy that? Drop us a line. Closing date is Wednesday 7 August.

Delib’s down under tour reaches the final stages

Rowena Farr - February 19th, 2013

The last everyone heard Ben and I had just arrived into Melbourne. Since then, we have been once again meeting as many new faces as possible. Here is an updated snapshot of what we have been up to:

SO Melbourne is probably the most akin city to Bristol which we have found in OZ. Yes Team Rubber that means it is an awesome city ;). Monday morning started of with Ben and I trialing the ideal dream of working for a digital company – the flexibility to work anywhere… including in the sun :). Note Ben is still always phone & as chatty as ever.

Ben in Melbourne 224x300 Delibs down under tour reaches the final stages

Ben calls to check in on meeting times

Ben and James continued apace with their consultation dream team mission in Melbourne, this involved ensuring their importance was clearly known around the local parks. Two words….don’t mess:

Ben James  224x300 Delibs down under tour reaches the final stages

Ben and James flex their muscles in Melbourne 😉

On Wednesday morning (uber early) Dan and I traveled north of Sydney for the day to meet one of our Citizen Space clients Wyong Shire Council. At lunch, we decided to check out the local eatery with our client, but Dan made a bad call on ordering possibly Australias’ smallest pizza:

Dan Pizza 224x300 Delibs down under tour reaches the final stages

Dan puts on a smile despite having the tables' most disappointing lunch choice

Following 36 hours in and around Sydney, it was time to head to Canberra where the one and only Ben Fowkes presented to a Gov2.0 audience.

Craig Ben  300x283 Delibs down under tour reaches the final stages

Craig introduces Ben's presentation

A successful presentation, a few new business meetings and a couple of training sessions later and the four of us were treated to Steak at one of Craigs’ local eateries:

Delib meal 300x224 Delibs down under tour reaches the final stages

Delib celebrate Ben's successful presentation with a steak

Yes I did chuckle profusely when I read the sign out loud 🙂





Internship at VAN (Bristol)

Lorna Moir - January 25th, 2013

We are looking for an intern to join team VAN in our Bristol HQ. The (paid) role will run for 8 weeks.

The role will mainly involve *campaignmanager* type responsibilities; helping things run smoothly for our clients, from proposal to final reports. You will be doing useful work on live campaigns, and learning lots of things to set you up in a job in advertising or media.

So what does VAN do?

  • – We are an ad network who focus in seeding viral (video) ads. We have a range of entertaining publishers with great sites who host our content and get it seen.
  • – We work with some of the best ad agencies in the world, generating views and sharing for their brand campaigns, especially their YouTube videos. We’re UK based with offices in Bristol and London.
  • – We’re growing fast, and we offer an outstanding opportunity for graduates or people who are starting their career in marketing, advertising and digital media. It’s a great learning environment.

What’s the job?
This is an awesome way to get started in the industry. You get to work with great clients and great content, and you’ll pick up key skills in account management, pitching, planning, media buying and reporting.

The role is mainly based around supporting two of our existingcampaignmanagers (Dave & Becci) and will have four main responsibilities:

  1. Sales You will not have to do any selling yourself, but will be required to support our sales team and our pitching processes.
  2. Delivery Assisting campaign delivery and making media bookings with our network of publishers.
  3. Clientreporting during and after acampaignhas run its course.
  4. Marketing writing up case studies and helping with our Viral Video Charts.


What you’re like
This is a job for people who:

  • – Are comfortable with numbers, especially straightforward arithmetic.
  • – Enjoy talking to people by phone and email to develop relationships.
  • – Work hard (cliche, but true here). It’s a job where you need to get your tasks done to time. It can also be necessary to check campaign progress out of office hours (using online systems).
  • – Have solid writing skills: we don’t have time to check your spelling etc, and we’re working with clients who will judge us negatively if you can’t write clearly and accurately.

The type of work is fairly consistent and suits someone who is happy to do similar tasks on a daily basis. That said, the job is exciting: new opportunities come up, new proposals need to be done, we get sales wins and awesome content to seed, and campaigns need to get their views.

Youwill definitely need:

  • – A good degree or relevant experience. Everybody here has proven themselves either in an academic or work environment.
  • – A genuine desire to get stuck into work and take responsibility.
  • – Previous work experience, this can be anything dealing with people or a task based role. It doesn’t have to be relevant to marketing or online, but wedon’t have time to teach you the most basic professional and get-things-done skills.

It’d also be great if you had:

  • -Relevant experience. Either through study or hobby, experience in internetz would be useful!
  • – Been to #kittencamp. We run monthly events they’re awesome and we might have met you icon smile Internship at VAN (Bristol)
  • – A passion for web video we love watching, sharing and lol’ing over online videos

Interested? Apply by emailingAlly with a covering letter outlining why you think you are suitable for the position and where your strengths lie, along with a 2 page CV.

Sysadmin / ops role, will it suck?

Andy Parkhouse - January 15th, 2013

We need someone to look after ops and site reliability stuff.

This job is in Bristol (UK) with our Delib business. We provide web apps for government customers around the world. Citizens use them to participate in decision making. We need reliable production environments for them.

We have a decent environment (in Bristol) where we write software. It’s not perfect; it’s a bit busy, but we care and say thanks, and the people are ok and I reckon that counts for a lot. We also have version control and testing and decent chairs and lunch, a lack of fear and no pissy politics.


Typically each customer has their own app instance. Lots of the stuff we do is sensitive formal policy consultation. It’s important to the people running it and to the people taking part, so we do look for lots of uptime and we never want our customers to end up in judicial review on a policy consultation due to an ops screw up by us.

We also handle sensitive personal data, and we have no intention of screwing that up either.

We aren’t looking for someone to just work down a task list that already exists. We have some ideas about the kind of configurations we like but no consensus. The first thing you’ll be doing is gathering requirements, investigating alternatives and coming up with a proposal to modernise our hosting environment.
We need someone who will work with developers directly, no “sysadmin in the basement”.

  • Need to support the development environment as well as production. Don’t need to do the office laptops, printers etc, we have that covered.
  • We use Pingdom, FreeBSD and some flavours of Linux.
  • We have ticketing, and version control and all the usual stuff.
  • We’re not using ITIL or ISO 27001, but if you have experience with those we’d be interested in hearing about it.
  • We write our own software in Python, so if you have to write tools then Python is preferred. We also (mostly) like Bourne shell.
  • We prefer rational choices to personal preferences.
  • Servers are around the world because our customers really need data to stay physically in their territory.

Job involves on-call. Currently developers get woken up by Pingdom, it pisses them off and they moan at me. We pay some kind of get-out-of-bed fee, although ideally you automate all this nonsense away. Plan is to put our next ops hire on an Australian timezone, dunno when that will be though.

Plenty to do.


It’s probably a full-time permanent position, but we’ll consider flexible ways of getting stuff done.

Interested? Drop Tom a line:


Team Rubber Partners with Watershed on Playable City

Lorna Moir - October 29th, 2012

We are proud to be partnering with Watershed on Playable City, a £30k international creative/tech award for Bristol

With a challenge to use creative technologies in surprising and engaging ways, the winner of the award will receive £30,000 to create a new work which will be installed in a public space in Bristol next summer before being toured internationally.


What is a playable city?

From street art to street games, in the last five years Bristol has put itself on the map by inviting residents and visitors from across the world to join in its playful approach to public spaces, and engage with the city’s creative and cultural future.

The 2013 award will produce a work which surprises, challenges and engages people in exploring the playable city.The Playable City is a new term, imagined as a counterpoint to A Smart City’. A Playable City is a city where people, hospitality and openness are key, enabling its residents and visitors to reconfigure and rewrite its services, places and stories. It is a place where there is permission to be playful in public.

More info on the award


Delib are looking for a Sales Consultant

Rowena Farr - March 12th, 2012

Delib are looking for a Sales Consultant to join our small and friendly Bristol based team.

We are looking for an individual to start on a full time 3 month fixed contracts with a view to permanent extension.

The role with Delib will primarily involve calling Public Sector organisations on a full time basis and will involve the following responsibilities on a daily basis:

  • Work through existing contact lists or research and find contacts
  • Cold call public sector organisations with a view to generating leads for Delib’s products (call target is 40-50 calls a day)
  • Follow-up on calls with targeted email to contact based on the nature of your conversation
  • Nurture relationships with contacts and move leads on through the sales pipeline
  • Maintain clear & detailed records on people contacted and status of contact/organisation. Update records as required.
  • Provide phone demos of products where necessary


Generous holiday allowance (24 days plus time off over Christmas)

Flexi time scheme (with core hours from 9.30-6)

Contract based on 37.5 hours a week and based in a central Bristol office

Company outings and opportunities to get involved in out of hours networking etc

The starting salary for this position is £16k

If you are interested in applying for this position please send a short covering letter and CV to

Rubber decorates the tree

Lorna Moir - December 19th, 2011

xmastree 682x1024 Rubber decorates the tree Our team tree… beautiful. Secret Santa stash is building up!

What’s happening this week?

Lorna Moir - December 13th, 2011

Here’s a quick round up of interesting / fun stuff I’ve noticed that’s going on this week! Well from Tuesday anyway…


TUESDAY The Hoff is Here

#1 Peter Pan launches at Bristol Hippodrome today, starring David Hasselhoff as Captain Hook. It’s only on till the 8th of Jan so if you want to go, I’d get in quick – I received tickets to this yesterday as my first Christmas present hooray!


WEDNESDAY #Kittencamp Christmas Party no other events need be mentioned!

#1 KittenCamp comes to Bristol for a spectacular Christmas party from 6.30 pm onwardsin the party room atThe Big Chill Bar.

Special guest speakers, fancy dress, monthly-mega-meme-mix, drinks and monster-musical-memes-mixer- with FREE beers provided courtesy of the Viral Ad Network (


THURSDAY Moomins and pies

#1 Pieminister PIES! The final event from Bristol Festival of ideas and what a grand finale it is!

Tristan Hogg and Jon Simon, founders of Pieminister share their success story, their pies (yes free samples!) and some Christmas drinks in their talk: Pieminister: A Pie for All Seasons Excellent after work event in my opinion, 6.30 pm onwards at Cabot Circus. Free but you need to reserve a place.

#2 Moomins night at the cube Yes this is how it sounds.

Spend an evening in the Moomin Valley with audio visual treats and Moomin-inspired food and drink in the bar – Free from 8pm.


FRIDAY Hounded, Bloggers’ Christmas Party & Lunchtime deception

#1 HoundedSlingShot have unleashed their latest thrilling chase game and I am SO excited about this! So after surviving the zombie apocalypse (or not in our case) and the creatures that lurk in the shadows.. You now have to survive as a fox being hounded down by huntsman equipped with REAL dogs. Ahhh!

Mulled wine and snacks can be found at St Nick’s after the event to help you recover YES! £13 From 7pm Thursday and Friday We’re playing Friday if anyone wants to join!

#1 MyStreetChic.comis hosting a Bloggers’ Christmas Party and Fashion Show.

If you’re a fashion or beauty blogger keen to meet other bloggers then head over to their Christmas party and fashion show at 7pm in Java. Tickets are £5 each but for that you get a goodie bag, a cocktail, plus free entry to the club after the event.

#3 Pervasive Media Studio Lunchtime Talk: Mystery Design, Physical Deception
and Attention Control – 1pm.

Do something interesting with your lunch break, like go and see Stuart Nolan giving a talk on his expertise in sleight-of hand, hypnosis, cold reading, psychological illusion, memory skills, and street performance.Learn how he’s applied these techniques to new areas; researching how teenagers respond to the mysterious in new technologies, how organisations are regularly deceived by the language of strategy documents, and how the art of attention control can be used in visual design, media production and sport coaching.


SATURDAY Made in Bristol Gift Fair From 10am

#1 Locally created gifts are spread over three floors of Colston Hall’s foyer space, to create a unique shopping extravaganza with a lively and festive atmosphere. Over 100 carefully selected creatives will be offering their affordable and original designer items.


SUNDAY Comedy at the Chill

#1 Tumbleweed Comedy Club is a brand spanking new comedy club at the Big Chill bar. Seems to be an open-mic’ event, which could prove very interestingTaking place upstairs in the Study room.


And that’s it for what’s happening this week? #1!