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Programming and development that doesn’t suck

Andy Parkhouse - August 5th, 2013

This position has now been filled but thank you for your interest 🙂

We’re looking for a Developer to work with either Viral Ad Network or Delib. These companies are part of Team Rubber; you can find out more from our blogs. We think we have a pretty good environment in which to write software. We have a big airy studio in a listed building in Central Bristol. It’s not perfect; it’s a bit busy, but we care and say thanks, and we go out for lunches and drink together after work and I reckon that counts for a lot. We’ve got pretty good at using agile development processes like Scrum and Kanban. We also have version control, testing, and decent chairs (or sofas to work on if that’s more your style). Bring your own laptop or we can supply one – you’ll get a decent quality Macbook Pro.


Typically we work well with people who’ve got a Computer Science degree and have been coding since at least their early teens. YMMV. We prefer people who can write.


We need to get some web app and operations stuff done, here’s the outline:

– We generally use XHTML, CSS and Javascript. There may be other ways to do it, but we’ve found these ones are pretty good and not too much hassle. We have to support a wide range of browsers including, increasingly, mobiles and tablets.


– We generally use python. Generally python doesn’t suck. We work with python frameworks including Pyramid, Zope and Plone. You don’t need to have used these, but experience with a web framework might be useful.


– There are some database things to do. Sometimes in various flavours of SQL or NoSQL or whatever.


– We have lots of devops things, including deployment automation for servers around the world; sysadmin and shell scripting ftw.


– We’ll like you more if you can combine programming and UI/UX; we try to avoid silos, I prefer working with people who can solve an interesting computational problem and put together a good GUI to hide the computation from the humans. Being a photoshop guru is not essential though.


Could be full-time, part-time or freelance scenario. There’s a bunch of things to get done right now. They’re usually interesting. There’ll probably be some more things to do after that. Sound interesting? Senda cover letter and your CV to We don’t place too much faith in CVs, the covering letter is really what we look at. If we like the look of yours we’ll get you in for a standard hiring interview. No applications will be accepted via recruitment companies.




Andy (Director) and Jess (Developer)


Bristol Playable City Award winner has been announced

Lorna Moir - January 24th, 2013

Watershed’sPlayable City Award captured our collective imaginations from the minute we first heard about it, and so we were delighted to becomea sponsor. We’ve been honoured to be a part of the Award as it embodies the coolness of our hometown, Bristol.

Watershed has now announced the winning proposal,Hello Lamp Post.Congratulations go toPAN,Gyorgyi Galik andTom Armitage,the creative team behind the idea. This is an interactive project that embodies the playable’ ethos. Apparently, every postbox, bench, bollard and storm drain in Bristol has a code on it (who knew?). When Hello Lamp Post is up and running in summer 2013, people will be able to text the code to a certain number to engage those objects in conversation, such as:

Screen Shot 2013 01 23 at 09.30.57 Bristol Playable City Award winner has been announced

Our work is all about cool stuff like this – using technology to connect people with things, governments and each other. We can’t wait to see how Hello Lamp Post will connect people to Bristol in such an imaginative and intimate way. Everyone with a mobile phone will be able experience the project, and find previously lifeless and ignored objects endowed with personalities and feelings.

Roll on, summer!


Breaking news: Team Rubber’s (ahem, Pitkin’s) Lunchometer is live

Alex Pitkin - December 7th, 2011

Ever needed answers and inspiration of what to do for lunch near Team Rubber’s HQ on King St? There’ll be nounansweredquestions floating round at 1:10pm any longer, the results are in:

Yup, so if you do see a poor soul trudging towards Sainsbury’s for a “free packet of crisps” with their “£2.85” sandwich, please do send them to this post.

Lunchometer was made by our lovely local friends at Thought Den who will also let you create your own.

We’re officially Work Cyclists!

Alex Pitkin - November 29th, 2011

Picture 2 Were officially Work Cyclists!

A very cool idea from local agencyPixillion led to them making the lovely siteThe Work Cycle. They have some pretty big agencies on there and some really nice photos of pretty bikes in proper use. An early morning start with Matt, Corwin, Ben, Tom and Ally polished our submission which today has gone into the site. Lovely.

Picture 3 Were officially Work Cyclists!

How to kill birds #5285a

Corwin Bainbridge - November 8th, 2011

A topical HTKB, with today’s launch of the latest Modern Warfare game.
6324997607 b6c4ef1dc2 How to kill birds #5285a

Rise of the Stick Men

Lorna Moir - September 22nd, 2011

When Ally announced that everyone should go to this morning.. and we all did (even if Tiffany did get a bit told off for it!) it reminded me of an awesome animation I stumbled across AGES ago and had pretty much forgotten about… thought it would be nice to share 🙂 Even if everyone else in the office has already seen it as usual!

So here is the Draw a stick man site – the worse your drawing skills, the better it is…

drawastickman 300x183 Rise of the Stick Men

And here is the video I was chatting about, it’s called Animator Vs Animation by Alan Becker… well worth a watch in my opinion!

At the time I was tearing my hair out over my final year flash project that I was having some ‘issues’ with and praying that Google would have all the answers (as usual). When I came across this video, it was obvious this did not hold the answers to all my problems or even come anywhere close to solving anything really… but it did put a massive smile on my face. Seeing as stress and panic formed the foundations of my final year project experience, actually feeling happy to see something flash related made a very nice change!

Beccy gets prepared for Burning Rubber on Friday

Rowena Farr - July 27th, 2011

CIMG5545 300x225 Beccy gets prepared for Burning Rubber on Friday

To celebrate ten years of Team Rubber this weekend we are off to a nearby site to burn some rubber but where will it be held exactly? Not sure Beccy knows yet that’s for sure…..

Google Image Search searches by image!

Tom Blockley - June 29th, 2011

So I went on to Google just now to look for an image, and I discovered that they now let you drag and drop images into the image search bar!

Now this is impressive. It’s like TinEye + DropBox + Googles own similar images functionality.

So I played around for a bit, and it turns out it’s even smarter than that! I dragged an image of me playing a gig into the search box, and it identified my bass!

Picture 11 Google Image Search searches by image!
It recognised that:

  1. I was playing an instrument
  2. It is a bass
  3. It is a Musicman Stingray

Google scares me sometimes.

WordPress 3.1 is released

- February 24th, 2011

WordPress 3.1 has been released and is namedReinhardt after legendary jazz guitarist DjangoReinhardt. Some of the notable new features include:

  1. New Site Admin bar – a new admin bar has been added to the logged in live view, enabling quick editing of posts / pages
  2. Post formats – now able to tag post format and subsequently displayindividualpost formats eg. gallery post, aside, features
  3. Multi-taxonimy queries – essentially an improved searching mechanism, more power to developers 🙂
  4. Network Admin User – superseeds multi-site WordPress “Super Admin” user
  5. In-site post linking – adds the facility to search and add links for internal blog posts / pages – big UI win!

This update certainly moves WordPress on from a simple blogging engine to a fully fledged CMS. Go download the latest update NOW! In honour of the release here’s Django at his best:

0 Wordpress 3.1 is released

Open Data Hack Day is underway at Colston Hall

Lorna Moir - December 3rd, 2010

This morning we had a room full of multi-talented front-end developers, back-end developers, designers, journalists, bloggers, tweeters and publishers, all ready to share their ideas and get making..

So why have a Hack Day?

Because it’s fun to make stuff, good to work with the council and talk, tweet and blog about it. Mr Andy P.

Hack day can explore opening up data the council has and doing more with it, Hack Day is about using data in ways that can benefit people in the city. Bristol City Council.

There has been no shortage of great ideas so far today around different data sets and the creative ways to utilize and represent information.

Teams have been formed and are currently scattered around Colston Hall to work on and develop ideas and digital tools.

Some of the main ideas so far include:

Doing more with the Your Freedom’ Dialogue data the government has now released
Ideas include making the data simpler to understand, running an analysis to discover the most discussed ideas and even condensing these down into poetry.

Mapping out the creative hot spots in Bristol

Looking at Bristol City Council environmental data on shopping trolleys being dumped in rivers and water quality data

Or even a rather unique idea which combines the two, such as creating a mobile game involving getting a shopping trolley home without it going into the river (including info on water quality of course!).

Using Bristol bus data and developing a web app that draws upon live Bristol Bus information

This would allow users to discover where the nearest bus is and when it’s due. Ideas have even been discussed about creating a hyper-local’ bus route newspaper.

We will re-gather at 5 to review the demo’s and prototypes of all the ideas being discussed. Exciting stuff!

We’re here in the Colston Hall

all day, so feel free to drop by and see what’s going on.
If not, then we’re tweeting under #bristolhackday, and will be blogging more too