What’s happening this week?

Lorna Moir - December 13th, 2011

Here’s a quick round up of interesting / fun stuff I’ve noticed that’s going on this week! Well from Tuesday anyway…


TUESDAY The Hoff is Here

#1 Peter Pan launches at Bristol Hippodrome today, starring David Hasselhoff as Captain Hook. It’s only on till the 8th of Jan so if you want to go, I’d get in quick – I received tickets to this yesterday as my first Christmas present hooray!


WEDNESDAY #Kittencamp Christmas Party no other events need be mentioned!

#1 KittenCamp comes to Bristol for a spectacular Christmas party from 6.30 pm onwardsin the party room atThe Big Chill Bar.

Special guest speakers, fancy dress, monthly-mega-meme-mix, drinks and monster-musical-memes-mixer- with FREE beers provided courtesy of the Viral Ad Network (www.ViralAdNetwork.net).


THURSDAY Moomins and pies

#1 Pieminister PIES! The final event from Bristol Festival of ideas and what a grand finale it is!

Tristan Hogg and Jon Simon, founders of Pieminister share their success story, their pies (yes free samples!) and some Christmas drinks in their talk: Pieminister: A Pie for All Seasons Excellent after work event in my opinion, 6.30 pm onwards at Cabot Circus. Free but you need to reserve a place.

#2 Moomins night at the cube Yes this is how it sounds.

Spend an evening in the Moomin Valley with audio visual treats and Moomin-inspired food and drink in the bar – Free from 8pm.


FRIDAY Hounded, Bloggers’ Christmas Party & Lunchtime deception

#1 HoundedSlingShot have unleashed their latest thrilling chase game and I am SO excited about this! So after surviving the zombie apocalypse (or not in our case) and the creatures that lurk in the shadows.. You now have to survive as a fox being hounded down by huntsman equipped with REAL dogs. Ahhh!

Mulled wine and snacks can be found at St Nick’s after the event to help you recover YES! £13 From 7pm Thursday and Friday We’re playing Friday if anyone wants to join!

#1 MyStreetChic.comis hosting a Bloggers’ Christmas Party and Fashion Show.

If you’re a fashion or beauty blogger keen to meet other bloggers then head over to their Christmas party and fashion show at 7pm in Java. Tickets are £5 each but for that you get a goodie bag, a MyStreetChic.com cocktail, plus free entry to the club after the event.

#3 Pervasive Media Studio Lunchtime Talk: Mystery Design, Physical Deception
and Attention Control – 1pm.

Do something interesting with your lunch break, like go and see Stuart Nolan giving a talk on his expertise in sleight-of hand, hypnosis, cold reading, psychological illusion, memory skills, and street performance.Learn how he’s applied these techniques to new areas; researching how teenagers respond to the mysterious in new technologies, how organisations are regularly deceived by the language of strategy documents, and how the art of attention control can be used in visual design, media production and sport coaching.


SATURDAY Made in Bristol Gift Fair From 10am

#1 Locally created gifts are spread over three floors of Colston Hall’s foyer space, to create a unique shopping extravaganza with a lively and festive atmosphere. Over 100 carefully selected creatives will be offering their affordable and original designer items.


SUNDAY Comedy at the Chill

#1 Tumbleweed Comedy Club is a brand spanking new comedy club at the Big Chill bar. Seems to be an open-mic’ event, which could prove very interestingTaking place upstairs in the Study room.


And that’s it for what’s happening this week? #1!