Team Rubber Companies

At present there are three core companies in the Team Rubber group: Delib, Rubber Republic and Rubberductions. All three companies develop unique IP. We use this IP to innovate for clients and make people happy.

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Delib uses the internet to more effectively involve people in governance.

Government, non-profits, NGOs and over 100 local authorities use Delib, including the NHS, European Parliament, NAPA, and the Cabinet Office. Delib has clients in the UK, EU, US, Australia and New Zealand.

Products include:

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Rubber Republic creates viral and social media advertising campaigns for brands and agencies.

It has produced viral videos for brands such as Bodyform (which won Gold at Cannes), Paramount, Audi and Fiat.

Rubber Republic also provides production services through Rubberductions, which has won many awards for its short films, including BBC New Filmmakers.

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Rubberductions devises and produces original comedy, drama, music and commercial films.

A boutique film company, Rubberductions produces distinctive, original, charming, funny and provocative films (mostly short ones). Winner of awards around the world, including BBC New Filmmakers.

The work: