What We Do

We grow successful creative businesses based on great ideas and great people.

  • We create and nurture teams of great people who come up with smart ideas and get things done.
  • We create long-term value by generating unique IP assets and taking them to market.
  • We develop amazing projects and products, and provide outstanding service to clients.

So far we’ve established 3 creative media businesses. – Read about them here.

Who We Are

Team Rubber was founded by Chris Quigley, Andy Parkhouse and Matt Golding.

Since 2001 we’ve surrounded ourselves with a team of great people who help us develop our ideas and take them to market.

Get to know us through our blog. We hope you find it interesting.

Our history

Business is an up and down game. Here are some of our ups and downs:

timeline What We Do

  • Our first client was a Drum and Bass artist called J RAQ, who we made a music video for. Our second client was the BBC.
  • During the 2001 general election we set up a political satire website called Spinon.co.uk. Spinon’s games included “Get to the right of Jack Straw” and was visited by 100,000s of bored voters making a splash amongst politicians and the public alike.
  • 2002: we worked on the first evoting pilots in the UK with BT and election.com. In 2003 we developed our first piece of e-democracy software called Smart|Connect, which included a module called “My Space”.
  • 2003: The film Council funded our first short film “Where were we?”, an absurdist comedy involving quicksand, cars and seagulls
  • 2004: Team Rubber was created, dividing into 3 separate companies: Rubberductions (film), Delib (engaging people with governance) and Rubber Republic (viral and social media advertising).
  • 2005: we launched our first animated short called Processed. Later in the year we launched our animated series DudeCorp satirising corporate culture. Deals are struck to distribute DudeCorp in the US, Europe, South Africa and other territories.
  • 2005: we win BBC New Filmmakers award with co-production Oedipus
  • 2006: by now over 150 councils are using Delib’s e-democracy software. We also win the BBC’s innovation new media award.
  • 2006: after 24 months of collaborative work with the LSE and new economics foundation Delib launch its argument visualisation product aMap a ground breaking new democracy tool.
  • 2007: Rubber Republic launch the Viral Ad Network, the world’s first advertainment ad network.
  • 2008: awesome online campaigns for feature films such as Watchmen and Tropic Thunder
  • 2009: Delib goes to America! We work with the Obama administration to engage citizens with government
  • 2010: Delib is selected by the new Coalition UK government to run 2 ground-breaking crowd-sourcing campaigns involving over 50,000 citizens.
  • 2011: #KittenCamp event launches, spreading LOLZ across the world
  • 2012: Delib Australia launches, headquartered in Brisbane (Queensland).
  • 2013: Rubber Republic wins a Gold Cannes Lion for Bodyform Responds viral and VAN evolves into a social video platform.